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Type III


This class summarizes the Art Institute experience by taking a D-school approach to problem solving. The project is focuses on combining two wildly different brands and challenges students to come up with new customer experiences and products that align with the core qualities of the respective companies. The final presentation to a group of professionals culminates with a 2-minute video pitch, a comprehensive brand & process book and a poster that promotes their new experience.


The main idea of this camp is to cultivate unbridled creativity in teens while introducing the skills necessary to complete the projects. Team-based competitions allow for a competitive spirit and for prizes to be awarded to those that succeed. Much of the camp is to create a free-range for the creative spirit. This idea combines the best parts of traditional summer camps, robotics, and science camps, through the essence of both Lego and Burning Man. The union of these two brands naturally provides a stage for creative minds; the goal is to bring bright and inquisitive teens of all backgrounds to generate ideas, work together and create the unexpected.

The Gardenista garden line is geared for those who either have their own rooftop garden or have a space in a community garden.
For those rooftop gardeners, Gardenista offers a wild variety of decor items that will spice up your patio, garden or outdoor living space. Gardenista also carries furniture and slighter larger tools. Fashion accessories are a focus of the brand including coordinating rubber boots and hats.