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All Natural, All Attitude

Behind the attitude

Fetch Cosmetics was born with attitude. So when I looked at the makeup options out there and I thought “Whoever said ‘Quality over Quantity’ had it all wrong;
Why not have both?!”
Now, you don’t have to sacrifice your bold and daring, colorful look to get natural and healthy makeup.
WHAT?! YOU CAN HAVE BOTH?! That’s right.
Fetch Cosmetics focuses on using certified organic ingredients and is certified gluten-free and soy free, but keeps the FUN, BOLD, and unapologetic GLAMOUR that are the joys of makeup.
- 'Cause makeup is so much more than a bit of color on a woman's face; it’s a mood booster, a bold statement, and a powerful ally.

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Face the Runway

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Own your Color

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Share you Look

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New Arrivals

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SimpleSet* Brush Set


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GlossyGirl* Lip Gloss Set


travel and makeup bags

Cosmetics Bag Set


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Colorfly* Neon Lip Set


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