Univ of North Texas

SPDA3320 :: Team Creativity
An exploration of the Design Thinking framework through a partnership with Sam's Club.

SPDA3350 :: Design Principles
An introduction to human interactions and exploration of the princples through a design project.

SPDA4021 :: Connections Workshop
A portfolio-project class that partnered with Improving exploring optionsin their Balanced Scorecard.

SPDA3300 :: Design Thinking
An introduction to the Design Thinking framework with an internal clientm UNT Marketing.

SPDA2021 :: Project Mgmt Lab
The advancement of the UNT Marketing project through ideation and storyboards to a final presentation.

Service to the Community and School

SMU UX Certification
Earned - Fall 2019

The UI/UX field is a great bridge between traditional and web design. It's also going to be an important part of future BFA student portfolios.

UX Design Conference @ UTD Dallas
Feb 2019

This day-long event focused on the foundational elements of UX, Accessibility and UX challenges as well as exciting future trends.

An Introducttion to Coding for Accessibility with Leslie Schulz
Jan 2019

This excellent meeting demonstrated my colleague's passion and pursuit for knowledge in this important field.

Design with a Big D:
The State of UX/UI in DFW


I attended the Dallas Regional Chamber's conference to better understand the explosive job growth in Fortune 500 companies in our area.

14th Annual National Student Show Conference

This year I was a support member for the Educator group and the Portfolio show and helped set up the judging for the event.

Congressional Art Competition


I helped choose the three finalists for the high school competition for this annual event that took place at the AI-Dallas campus.

Dallas-Ft. Worth Chapter of Religion Communicators Council


I gave a presentation on design and inspiration as well as an overview on the creative process I use to help students deep dive into their portfolio projects for this group of church-affiliated communication professionals.

13th Annual National Student Show Conference

Educator Chair

I organized the first call for entries for Educators to speak at the conference and volunteered in all aspects of the day to day events.

12th Annual National Student Show Conference


I helped organize the Educators events as well as the bringing in professionals for the 2-day portfolio review for juniors and graduating seniors.

11th Annual National Student Show Conference

I was new to the National Student Show and volunteered in all aspects of the day to day events as well as the bringing in professionals for the 2-day portfolio review for juniors and graduating seniors.
My work for the conference was recognized with the "Volunteer of the Year" award from the DSVC.

Art Institute of Dallas

GWDA419 :: Portfolio II
Development of a professional presentation, learning how to best present work.

GWDA273 :: Intermediate Web Design
Methods of structuring and styling web page content with added agency research.

GWDA272 :: Corporate Identity
A portfolio-level class focused on process and brand identity books.

GWDA222 :: Intermediate Layout
An introduction to InDesign with a focus on contemporary layout techniques.

GWDA202 :: Interface Design
An exploration of the synthesis of visual and information design finishing with a process book.

GWDA132 :: Information Architecture
An introduction to the concepts and processes of planning interactive projects that solve business and user needs.

GWDA133 :: Fundamentals of Web
An introduction to updated web standards, ending with a completed website.

DMM5454 :: Entrepreneurship in Design
An MA class challenging students to create thoughtful design ventures.

DSN4003 :: Graphic Design Studio
A class that facilitates working with real-world clients on real-world projects.

DSN4043 :: Graphic Design Capstone
Students create a new brand with a final presentation to professionals.

Intermediate Layout Poster
Interace Design Poster
Intermediate Web poster
Intermediate Layout Poster

Hallway posters designed to display student outcomes. Approximately 6' x 3'.

Texas A&M University - UCD

ART416 :: Advanced Electronic Media
A focus on creative process, project workflow and print production in design.

Texas Christian University

ART30323 :: Typography III
Projects that explored type in a visual, communicative and decorative manner.

Art Institute of Houston-North

INT419 :: Internship
An upper-level class where all majors participated in field internships.

DSN470 :: Graphic Design Capstone
* Concept and ideation is made evident in leave behind book that supplements video sales presentation to internal and professional audience.

GD435 :: Graphic Design Studio
The topic for this class was to create an anniversary re-issue of a DVD package redesign for one of the top-rated AFI movies.

GD420 :: Portfolio II
This class culminated in the presentation of a professional matted portfolio of 10 works and a final presentation to the class summarizing the objective, the challenges overcome and what was learned from each project.

GD417 :: Senior Project
A class that focused on identity and leave behind materials for the Art Institute Senior Show as well as for the interview process.

GD314 :: Collateral Design
The challenge was to pick between creation of a new tradeshow experience.

GD430 :: Art Direction
Students were challenged to brainstorm together and consider audience and appropriateness of message.

GD410 :: Sustainable Design
* Projects that allowed students to explore their personal issues and solutions with sustainable design.

GD327 :: Package Design
The challenge of exploring, creating and adapting 2D designs to 3D forms.

GD320 :: Editorial Design
An advanced layout class that employed style continuity, type and visual elements for multi-page layouts.

GD313 :: Environmental Design
* This project was based on creating a new brand within a store and to have students work together in groups like they would in an agency.

GD220 :: Digital Grid Systems
* A new class added to the design curriculum. This intermediate layout class was specifically added to introduce the grid.

GD217 :: Typography III
This project helped students describe and create an immersive experience.

GD114 :: Concept Design
This class was redesigned to focus specifically on the conceptualization of logos and its introductory function in solving design problems.

GD111 :: Typography I
An introduction to hand-lettering, typographic concepts and the history of letterforms.

ART110 :: Image Manipulation
An introductory class to raster-based digital image manipulation.

ART106 :: Design Fundamentals
An introductory course into the principles and elements of design.

CA403 :: Animation Portfolio
Leading animation students to create a professional animator’s portfolio.

PHOT302 :: Digital Publishing
An upper-level class where the final project for the class was a 24-page self-promotional book.

*Art Institute schools had a mandated curriculum change to graphic design programs in 2011. Schools have a two-year grace period to integrate the classes into their curriculum. Since our school had only been established a couple of years earlier our Dean decided that the new curriculum structure be embraced in the quarter after it was announced.