This website is an ever-evolving space to hold research for projects, examples of assignments and a place to comment and add to the ever-changing environment we face in graphic design.

  • Intermediate Layout
  • Intermediate Web
  • Fundamentals of Web
  • Type III
  • Packaging
  • Design Capstone
  • Advanced Layout

    The challenge of this first-year class is to introduce students to InDesign software and the concepts of magazine design while creating a sophisticated 20-page magazine for final portfolio.


    Charme Magazine

    Hayley Eubanks : Charme Magazine

    Iconoclast Magazine

    Michelle Quiroz : Iconoclast Magazine

    Aesthetic Magazine

    Julio Cervera : Vagabond Magazine

    Trajectory Magazine

    Tommy Brown : Trajectory Magazine

    En L'Aire Magazine

    Michela Fulco : En L'Aire Magazine

    Strive Magazine

    Antonio Rojas : Strive Magazine

    FE+NOM Magazine

    Amefon Otu : FE+NOM Magazine

    Aesthetic Magazine

    Andrew Giles : Aesthetic Magazine

    M+M Magazine

    Ethan Kowaleski : M+M Magazine

    Terrace Magazine

    Danielle Pendarvis: Terrace Magazine

    Syzygy Magazine

    Tajkia Zalman : Syzygy Magazine

    Concierge Magazine

    Tammy Fernandez : Concierge Magazine

    Keen Magazine

    Danny Balvin : Keen Magazine

    Hardy Magazine

    Betty Ramirez : Hardy Magazine

    Salubrious Magazine

    Piper Cardwell : Salubrious Magazine

    Inspired Magazine

    Diana Rocha : Inspired Magazine

    Skate Hostel

    Julia Campbell : ART-C Magazine

    Bella Homes Magazine

    Monica Gomez : Bella Homes Magazine

    Poseiden's Adventures Magazine

    Kelsey Burtrum : Poseidon's Adventure

    Beyond Borders Magazine

    Rani Chavez : Beyond Borders Magazine

    Tasty Bites Magazine

    Tam Nguyen : Tasty Bites Magazine

    Lone Star Taste Magazine

    Oscar Diaz : Lone Star Taste Magazine

    WayFare Magazine

    Miguel Gonzalez : WayFare Magazine

    Explore Magazine

    Elman DeLeon : Explore Magazine