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    Field trips, clubs and events beyond the classroom allow our students to experience other facets of the design profession.

    Social Media Posts

    My Winter 2017 Intermediate layout class with their 20-page magazines from their first InDesign class. Pretty proud of the high level of accomplishment in the class!

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    Publication Invasion

    Publication Invasion

    Art Institute of Dallas

    After several years of exciting work coming from Intermediate Layout I came up with the idea of having an exhibit in the publication rack at our library to show their work to the entire campus.

    Type Workshop Poster

    Type Workshop Poster

    Art Institute of Houston-North

    Challenged to design a workshop for high school students and their families to engage them creating an hour-long event where they built their own type from paper.

    How 2009 Annual

    Writing with Paper

    Art Institute of Houston-North

    This poster was the result from the above class and emailed to the students and family members who participated. A student photographer demonstrated the process of capturing the group's work in the studio.