This website is an ever-evolving space to hold research for projects, examples of assignments and a place to comment and add to the ever-changing environment we face in graphic design.

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    These projects are some of the best examples for this series of projects.


    Browning Texas

    Browning : Travel Texas

    Perry Miami

    Perry : Miami Deco

    Gamez Greece

    Gamez: Greece

    Luong : Jacqueline

    Luong : Jacqueline

    Perez Scotland

    Perez: Scotland

    Whisenhunt: Tomato

    Whisenhunt: You Say Tomato

    McEwen: Fashion

    McEwen: Statement Fashion

    Harman: NavaGata

    Harman: Navagata Tradeshow

    Croft: Hawaii

    Croft: Travel Hawaii

    Huang: Annual Report

    Huang: Annual Report

    Shuck: Native Myths

    Shuck: Native Myths

    Browning: Survival Guide

    Browning: Survival Guide