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  • Project 15: PROCESS BOOK

    A concept process book demostrates a wide variety of pencil sketches along with an explanation of your methodology for solving a creative problem or creating a brand.

    Amaya: Beeginning Process book

    Amaya: Beeginning Process book

    Vogel: Personal Branding

    Vogel: Personal Identity

    Luong: Springhill Suites

    Luong: Springhill Suites Branding

    Quiroz: Alchemy Tea Process book

    Quiroz: Alchemy Tea Process book

    Canada: Nyctar

    Canada: Nyctar Package

    Ballesteros: Personal logo

    Ballesteros: Personal Identity

    Bowden: Fizzle

    Bowden: Fizzle Package

    Go: Driven

    Go: Driven Identity

    Rodriguez: BrainFood

    Rodriguez: BrainFood Identity

    Amaya: Stealth Process book

    Amaya: Stealth Process book

    Browning Dallas Bike

    Browning : Dallas Bike Identity

    Perry: Tomomi

    Perry: Tomomi Packaging

    Gamez: Carters

    Gamez: Carters Identity