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    These portfolios are from Brian Sullivan and J Schuh's "Designing a Killer UX Portfolio to Get You Hired" class in the SMU Go program. This first in this series of classes includes: Personal Branding, Resume and Essentials. Week Two focuses on Networking Strategies, Resume Reviews, Common Resume Questions, Portfolio Reviews and Common Portfolio Questions.

    Your portfolio sites are uploaded each week for progress reviews. The class culminates with multiple interviews from industry professionals searching for upcoming UX talent.

    Wetherbee Portfolio

    Eric Sasser

    Ruengpatana Portfolio

    Sara Ruengpatana

    Wetherbee Portfolio

    Kelly Wetherbee

    Borodyansky Portfolio

    Rachel Borodyansky

    Calderon Portfolio

    Diane Calderon

    Bryant Portfolio

    Matthew Bryant

    Schmidt Portfolio

    Cassie Schmidt

    Nelson Portfolio

    Aric Nelson

    Hunt Portfolio

    Pierce Hunt