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    This project challenges students to redesign the FEMA app and website with the newer technology available today and customer insights gleaned through articles from hurricane survivors. This research is used to enhance the site map and overall user experience for this project. This project results in a UI/UX process book that encapsulates and displays the experience of designing for phone, tablet and desktop users.

    HOPE Fema App

    Julio Cervera: HOPE Fema App

    Endure App

    Grant Fry: the Raft Path App

    Storm Bloggers App

    Michela Fulco: Storm Bloggers App

    System of Safety App

    Trever Hicks: System of Safety App

    Surge & Protect Hurricane App

    Kristie Kincaid: Surge & Protect App

    Tempest Survival App

    Sarah Simons: Tempest Survival App

    Hurricane Hero App

    Triston Seay: Hurricane Hero App

    Hurricane Watch App

    Amefon Otu: Hurricane Watch App

    Poseiden Protect App

    Mario Amayo: Poseiden Protect App

    Endure App

    Michele Quiroz: Endure App

    Hazard Defense App

    Danielle Pendarvis: Hazard Defense App

    Cyclone Prep

    Betty Ramirez: Cyclone Prep App

    Hurricane Mate

    Ana Fernandez: Hurricane Mate App

    Hurricane Ready

    Tajkia Zalman: Hurricane Ready App

    Helping Hand

    Diana Rocha: Helping Hand App