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    App design through small teams is explored in this 11-week class. Students work in production groups to examine business problems and must determine the source problem, ascertain a working solution and implement a functional model complete with proposals, design, technical, and quality assurance documentation. Assessing client needs, pre-production assets, project management, and communication is emphasized.


    Team: Farah Pierre and Shikha Moni

    The goal of SportsAbled is to be the one go-to place for people like Cody and his family to connect them with the adaptive sports community and to give them the sense of belonging. The app makes it easier to not only be able to access the information about the availability of sports programs in his area but also connecting him to his teammates as well as providing him with transportation.

    Flick, Flack, Flow

    Team: Bridy Eidson, Mona Alsoofi and Janie Bugh

    Flick Flack Flow is an education game that exercises your mind in a fun and challenging way. Designed to test your awareness and memory. Flick Flack Flow includes the main game that tests and trains your brain by placing an object on the board and taking it away. The concept is to remember the objects, where they were placed and what order they appeared in. The game can be played alone, or you can challenge a friend.

    Hide Out

    Team: Drew Higgins, Scott Niese and Jacob Alvarado

    This app concept is the "hide-and-seek" based game named Hide Out. This game will be a top-down arcade-style game with a modern 8-bit styling. Hide Out fits into a unique category of games that are meant to be played through an online network with a community of friends ready to play together.

    Pop Quiz

    Team: Sumyah Albakr, Alexandra Lanz & Linny Montiero

    A trivia game related to pop culture with categories on TV shows, Movies, and trending videos from the internet. It must be a funny and entertaining game for mostly Millenials and Gen Z. It is different because the trivia will be based on pictures to guess the right answer which will be captions. It’s a combination of a trivia and memory game.


    Team: Ricardo Acosta, Camila Castro & Camila Ramirez

    Parkes is a game inspired in the classic Colombian board game called “parques”. We wanted to take the classic game to a digital screen. The aim is to make people connect without necessarily having to always use social media. We want friends or even strangers to be able to connect through a fun game. This game is for very young kids up to adults. Almost anyone can play it and everyone has fun.

    Liar, Liar

    Team: Katarina Slavkovic, Natalia Torres & Victor Ulloa

    Liar, Liar is an entertaining and engaging game with positive impact on its players who socialize using cellphones from any destination, especially during corona virus pandemic. This game transfers mechanical play into the digital world and carries no social, racial or gender barriers.

    Trivia Island

    Team: Emma Lubbeck, Chris Satterfield & Delawrence Washington

    The goal of the app is to answer as many trivia questions correctly and quickly as possible to obtain the most points possible, which pushes the player forward through the island, much like Candy Crush does. In the app, there is no end goal to reach, as the questions are unlimited since the app also allows players to create and submit their own questions.

    Lore of the Lost

    Team: Nichole Acevedo, Tiare Gallegos & Rosa Cruz

    The player is part of a secret organization in the Victorian Era known as The Cloak of Lore, whose members are categorized as merry men on Robin hoods. This organization is responsible for retrieving and protecting ancient artifacts for the purpose of keeping the existence of mythical creatures a secret. Along with maintaining this secret is having to fight/eliminate mythical beings who have gone rogue or other humans that threatens you. Your character has no memory of their past. The only conception they have is a locket that they have always had that has symbols that are connected to mythical beings.