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    I've taught this class for different schools with varying assignments and objectives with the result being a wide range of expression and experimentation. Students have been challenged with creating stories they could interpret through type, creating type without the computer and interpreting classic stories through expressive type. The common theme is for students to use thumbnail layouts and research to break through the expected and reach the inspired.


    Blade Runner
    Blade Runner Large

    Natalie North : Blade Runner

    One Flew Over Large

    Karli Beckner : One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest


    Jillienne Jacoby : Jaws

    I taught this class project for TCU and it was designed to allow students to interpret their movie mainly through expressive type.
    The movie was assigned to the student who began with heavy research and thumbnails notated through sketchbooks to final result.



    I created this project for Expressive type class at Houston-North to help students move away from the computer when coming up with type solutions. They were also challenged to work in groups of three to foster cooperation, motivation and help with inspiration. Their result was a typographically-tasty calendar.