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  • Fundamentals of Web
  • User Research
  • Interface Design
  • Information Arch.
  • Type Hierarchy
  • Type Expressive
  • Art Direction
  • Corporate Identity
  • Design Team
  • Advanced Layout
  • Design Capstone
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  • Cultural Workshop V
  • Team Creativity
  • Design Principles
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  • SMU UX Portfolio
  • Art Institute
    & TCU

  • Type III
  • Packaging
  • Art Direction
  • Environmental Design
  • Digital Grids
  • Design Capstone

    The goal of this class is to broaden the student's understanding of web through the introduction of responsive web concepts. Students study the design agencies and their clients before they pick their project to understand the clients and agencies of the Dallas market.

    Ale & Tap Supply Co

    Bryan Carnevale: Ale & Tap Supply Co

    Hotel Eleganssi

    Janie Bugh: Hotel Eleganssi

    Serrano Restaurant

    Julio Cervera: Serrano Restaurant

    City Slickers Cider

    Johnny Cochran: City Slickers Cider

    Guided Compass Expeditions

    Hannah Murray: Guided Compass

    Off the Leash Brewery

    Kuang Tang: Off the Leash Brewery

    The Perfect Brew

    Adam Bell: The Perfect Brew

    The Opulent Hotel

    Kris Yunc: The Opulent Hotel

    East Side Coffee Company

    Justice Canada: East Side Coffee Company

    Thread Brothers

    Antonio Rojas: Thread Brothers

    Antoinette Cake Design

    Betty Ramirez: Antoinette Cake Design


    Piper Cardwell: Taste Restaurant

    The Forum

    Chris Satterfield : The Forum

    Loco Brewing Co

    Parker Hanson: Loco Brewing Co

    Island Spa Resort

    Michela Fulco: Lush Spa & Resorts

    Sous Vide

    Hayley Eubanks : Sous Vide

    South Dallas Flats

    Victor Barreto : South Dallas Flats

    Fetch Cosmetics

    Ana Fernandez : Fetch Cosmetics

    Astrum Hotel

    Logan Walker : Astrum Hotel

    Rise and Grind

    Diana Rocha : Rise and Grind

    Rose Haven

    Sarah Simons : Rose Haven

    Verdant Vegan Spa

    Carolina Cravens : Verdant Vegan Spa

    The Hanger

    Chelsea Ballard : The Hanger

    Chai Chai

    Amefon Otu : Chai Chai

    The Drunken Alpaca

    Michelle Quiroz : The Drunken Alpaca

    Poached Restaurant

    Randi Whisenhunt : Poached Restaurant

    The Grove Hotel

    Edward Lara : The Grove Hotel

    The Pit BBQ

    Danny Browning : The Pit BBQ

    The Good Noodle

    Stephanie Vogel : The Good Noodle

    Dwell Here Hotel

    Danny Balvin : The Dwell Here Hotel

    Rogue Wardrobe

    Kelsey Burtrum : Rogue Wardrobe

    Europa Cafe

    Tommy Brown : Europa Cafe

    Mony's Deli

    Monica Gomez : Mony's Deli

    Tipsy Taco Restaurant

    Xochi Ballestros : Tipsy Taco