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  • Intermediate Layout
  • Intermediate Web
  • Fundamentals of Web
  • User Research
  • Interface Design
  • Information Arch.
  • Type Hierarchy
  • Type Expressive
  • Art Direction
  • Corporate Identity
  • Design Team
  • Advanced Layout
  • Design Capstone
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  • Applied Design
  • Cultural Workshop V
  • Team Creativity
  • Design Principles
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  • SMU UX Portfolio
  • Art Institute
    & TCU

  • Type III
  • Packaging
  • Art Direction
  • Environmental Design
  • Digital Grids
  • Design Capstone

    This introductory class is designed to introduce the fundamentals of web design through CSS3 and HTML5 with weekly assignments while challenging them to express themselves through increasingly more complex layouts and solutions that end the class with a 20-page website.

    Fairhaven Conservatory

    Drew Higgins: Fairhaven Conservatory

    Al Hussain Mortuary

    Eisha Silat: Al Hussain Mortuary

    Coastal Cruises

    Tucker Webster: Street Focus

    Seigneur Tailors

    Tennessee Taylor: Seigneur Tailors

    Urban Art Collective

    Martha Tonn: Urban Art Collective

    Coastal Cruises

    Andrew Slatten: Coastal Cruises

    Naked Cosmetics

    Bianca Rodriguez: Naked Cosmetics

    SK2 Family Dentristry

    Giang Tran: SK2 Family Dentristry


    Sifa Kassendra: Nkonga

    La Vie en Rose

    Rose Eaton: La Vie en Rose

    Sugared Ice

    Hannah Murray: Sugared Ice Creamery

    Something Blue Boutique

    Madison Moncreif: Something Blue

    Verge Restaurant

    Kristie Kincaid: Verge Restaurant

    Steph's Chop House

    Kuang Tang : Steph's Chop House

    Modern Museum of Art

    Julio Cervera: Modern Museum of Art

    Venus Bridal

    Iris Truong: Venus Bridal

    Aurora Art Gallery

    Danny Shead : Aurora Art Gallery

    Ever Brilliant Jewelry

    Hassan Faye : Ever Brilliant Jewelry

    Penny Rides Park

    Jimena Rodriguez : Penny Rides Park

    Work Wire

    Kassidi Foy : Work Wire

    Three Link Hotel

    Ethan Kowaleski : Three Link Hotel

    Innovative Steps Academy

    Betty Ramirez : Innovative Academy

    Skate Hostel

    Chelsea Ballard : Sleep/Skate Hostel

    The Black Rose

    Vu Doan : The Black Rose Bridal Shop

    Amethyst Boutique

    Michelle Quiroz : Amethyst Boutique

    Mariama Boutique

    Sandra Velasquez : Mariama Boutique

    Cobb Jackson School

    Ollie Cobb : The Jackson School of Art

    Prime Boutique

    Amefon Otu : Prime Boutique

    Lewi Lewi's Restaurant

    Kris Yunc : Lewi Lewi's Restaurant

    Passion for Fashion Museum

    Tarah Herrera : Fashion Museum

    Coco Chanel Traveling Exhibit

    Mandy Peña : Coco Chanel Exhibit

    Gomez: Sherman Zoo

    Monica Gomez : Sherman Zoo

    Tisue: Travel Alaska

    Noah Tisue : Travel Alaska

    Pendarvis : Hotel Resort Waikiki

    Danielle Pendarvis : Hotel Resort Waikiki