This website is an ever-evolving space to hold research for projects, examples of assignments and a place to comment and add to the ever-changing environment we face in graphic design.

  • Intermediate Layout
  • Intermediate Web
  • Fundamentals of Web
  • Type III
  • Packaging
  • Design Capstone
  • Advanced Layout

    This class is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of web design while challenging the students to express themselves through increasingly more complex layouts and solutions.


    Ever Brilliant Jewelry

    Hassan Faye : Ever Brilliant Jewelry

    Penny Rides Park

    Jimena Rodriguez : Penny Rides Park

    Work Wire

    Kassidi Foy : Work Wire

    Three Link Hotel

    Ethan Kowaleski : Three Link Hotel

    Innovative Steps Academy

    Betty Ramirez : Innovative Academy

    Skate Hostel

    Chelsea Ballard : Sleep/Skate Hostel

    The Black Rose

    Vu Doan : The Black Rose Bridal Shop

    Amethyst Boutique

    Michelle Quiroz : Amethyst Boutique

    Mariama Boutique

    Sandra Velasquez : Mariama Boutique

    Cobb Jackson School

    Ollie Cobb : The Jackson School of Art

    Prime Boutique

    Amefon Otu : Prime Boutique

    Lewi Lewi's Restaurant

    Kris Yunc : Lewi Lewi's Restaurant

    Passion for Fashion Museum

    Tara Herrera : Fashion Museum

    Coco Chanel Traveling Exhibit

    Mandy Peña : Coco Chanel Exhibit

    Gomez: Sherman Zoo

    Monica Gomez : Sherman Zoo

    Tisue: Travel Alaska

    Noah Tisue : Travel Alaska

    Pendarvis : Hotel Resort Waikiki

    Danielle Pendarvis : Hotel Resort Waikiki

    Rose City Zoo

    Sarah Simons : Rose City Zoo