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  • Intermediate Layout
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  • Fundamentals of Web
  • Interface Design
  • Information Arch.
  • Type Hierarchy
  • Type Expressive
  • Art Direction
  • Corporate Identity
  • Advanced Layout
  • Design Capstone
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  • Type III
  • Packaging
  • Art Direction
  • Environmental Design
  • Digital Grids
  • Design Capstone

    This class project is to take an existing brand and re-fresh it for a newer audience. The 11 weeks starts by deconstructing the brand's background and advances to extensive logo exploration before finishing with a completed brand book. Emphasis on demonstrating logo usage as well as applications on appropriate elements and spaces for brand usage.

    Robreno: Sephora

    Gabriel Robreno: Sephora

    Wheelis: Bass Pro

    Elizabeth Wheelis: Bass Pro

    Rodriguez: AlphaGraphics

    Alan Rodriguez: AlphaGraphics

    Gallardo: Sleep Experts

    Erica Guevara:: Midas

    Francis: JoAnn

    Devon Francis: JoAnn

    Gallardo: Sleep Experts

    Evelyn Gallardo: Sleep Experts