Ward - Design Thinking Workshop Fall 2021

This website is an ever-evolving space to hold research for projects, examples of assignments and a place to comment and add to the ever-changing environment we face in graphic design.

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    J Schuh's workshop brings clients into the classroom to bring real problems for our students. The idea is that companies and organizations must innovate and optimize customer experiences to remain competitive and relevant, and many use Design Thinking methodologies to create and deliver both quality and value. Design Thinking methodology provides a solution-based approach to create customer-centric products, services, and experiences by observing and engaging stakeholders in problem-solving strategies.

    Our Client: Cariloop

    Cariloop is a digital health and wellness company whose Caregiver Support Platform pairs healthcare coaching services with a secure online case management portal to assist users in managing care transitions for their loved ones.
    Founded in 2012 in Dallas, Texas, Cariloop provides the world's first bi-lingual, tech-enabled Caregiver Support Platform to help working caregivers and families plan for and manage the care of their parents, grandparents, spouses, siblings, in-laws, and adult children. The team at Cariloop firmly believes that no one should ever have to go through care-giving alone. In an effort to deliver on this promise, Cariloop is arming families with the world’s first human-powered Caregiver Support Platform.
    Creating a seamless balance of touch and tech, Cariloop’s platform combines healthcare coaching services and cloud-based tools that help families plan for and manage their care-giving journey.

    Final Presentations

    The project for this class was to re-think the education and on-boarding experiences for Cariloop. To help new companies learn about and gain enthusiasm for a Cariloop's way of helping engaged employees with life challenges of caregiving.

    Pink Flamingos: Care Card

    Pink Flamingos: Care Card

    Red Cardinals: Community

    Red Cardinals: Community

    Red Phoenix: Support Loop

    Red Phoenix: Support Loop

    Green Dogs: Self-Care Journey

    Green Dogs: Self-Care Journey

    Red Bears: Loop Back

    Red Bears: Loop Back

    Final Class Presentation

    The Forum

    Final Presentations: All Groups

    Mural Boards

    This online workspace allows the teams to use the UX framework to work together through the various exercises that create their UX artifacts. These many exercises use the framework that lead to their final presentations.

    Spring 2021: Journey Map

    Journey Map: Fa2021

    Spring 2021: Stakeholder Map

    Stakeholder Map: Fa2021

    Spring 2021: Empathy Maps

    Empathy Maps: Fa2021

    Spring 2021: Hopes-Fears

    Hopes-Fears: Fa2021


    2-Minute Readout: Fa2021