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  • Design Capstone

    This class focuses on combining two wildly different brands and challenges students to come up with new customer experiences and products that align with the core qualities of the respective companies. The final presentation to a group of professionals culminates with a 2-minute video pitch, a comprehensive brand & process book and a poster that promotes their new experience.

    Amanda Burkey: AG:Elite Athletes
    Clients: Nike / John Deere

    In three days men and woman will engage in a three-day challenge called the TR:UE WORK competition, testing the limits of their endurance. Can athletes who are known to go hard for short periods of time, stand up to the rigorous days of farmers, ranchers and loggers? Contestants start at the crack of dawn or they don’t start at all.

    Brochure   /   Poster
    Kimberly Conn: Alter Reel Short Film Festival
    Clients: Kodak / Sundance Film Festival

    This event is a fun one of a kind experience for all ages. This is a chance for people to take their favorite movies and reinvent them in new creative ways. This contest is all about taking memorable famous movies and recreating them into hilarious short films. These films should be extremely low budget. People will be able to watch, upload, vote and make comments on films at the website.

    Brochure   /   Posters

    Shalise Moseley : Shoot, Film, Create contest
    Clients: Kodak / Sundance Film Festival

    The idea is to create a contest that will allow filmmakers to expand their skills by creating a new experience in film. Emerging new filmmakers offer a new perspective on indie film. By creating a short stop motion experimental film that embodies the spirit of independent filmmaking.

    Sarah Hardin : Finir
    Clients: Cuisinart / Guggenheim Museum

    Finir is a fascinating study open to the public, that educates on the world of food in a whole new way. Using top of the line Cuisinart products and the “anyspacewhatever” within the Guggenheim Museum the cooking class “Finir“ will give the students a ticket to a new out look on food and how to use it.

    Ashley Lynch : Gardenista
    Clients: Kate Spade / Home Depot

    The Gardenista garden line is geared for those who either have their own rooftop garden or have a space in a community garden. For those rooftop gardeners, Gardenista offers a wild variety of decor items that will spice up your patio, garden or outdoor living space.

    Gardenista also carries furniture and slighter larger tools. Fashion accessories are a focus of the brand including coordinating rubber boots and hats.

    Angel Albarran: Hardball
    Clients: Urban Outfitters / Louisville Sluggers

    Urban Outfitters and Louisville sluggers work together to create a minor league which shows off some of the best looking minor league players across the country.

    The league is created to show off Urban Outfitters clothing at it’s best. The league itself is made up of 16 teams that will travel the country and play baseball for a championship title. Ultimately the league will try and get females and gay men more involved in baseball, America’s Pastime, through modern fashion and strong male sex appeal.

    Hardcore Initiative : Shantel Regalado
    Clients: Nike / John Deere

    Successfully co-brand Nike and John Deere by establishing the HardCore brand. Combined with the JD heavy-duty look, it seemed natural that the brand took on a "tough guy" and heavy-duty feel.To be the authority in ultimate comfort, durability, and flexibility in any given environment, appropriate for workers in harsh work environments and the gardener alike, complete with a edgy look unique to the HardCore brand.

    Alex Landry: Lego/Burning Man Video Game
    Clients: Lego / Burning Man

    A video game solution encompasses self-reliance and self-discovery, but it also has a high amount of interactivity and can be made to hold the Burning Man experience, at least a light version, without ever having to purchase a ticket.

    Fiona Sommerhalder : CarTalk Designs
    Clients: Union Jeans / AutoZone

    Car Talk Designs. Union Jeans and AutoZone bring to you a brand of clothing that is going to revolutionize the way you wear and interact with your clothes. From casual shirts, jeans, hoodies, socks, alongside classic shirts, slacks, and so much more.

    In each one of our articles of clothing we have intergrated bluetooth technology so that it is in constant contact with your car. Your car will essentially be talking to your clothes. You now have all the power at your fingertips with Car Talk Designs Clothing Line. 

    Ivy Sosa : Build a Hive Foundation
    Clients: Burt's Bees / Pottery Barn

    The Build A Hive Foundation is an educational and research organization dedicated to providing pristine, protected habitat for honeybees in order to help the bees ability to heal from disease states that are killing hives worldwide.

    This Foundation will educate children all over the world to know how important bees truly are. By using material provided by pottery barn kids in this foundation children will be working together with there families to build a homes for the bees. Burt’s Bees will later donate the bee hive to bee farms all around the world.