Ward - Design Thinking Workshop Winter 2022

This website is an ever-evolving space to hold research for projects, examples of assignments and a place to comment and add to the ever-changing environment we face in graphic design.

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  • Design Capstone

    J Schuh's workshop brings clients into the classroom to bring real problems for our students. The idea is that companies and organizations must innovate and optimize customer experiences to remain competitive and relevant, and many use Design Thinking methodologies to create and deliver both quality and value. Design Thinking methodology provides a solution-based approach to create customer-centric products, services, and experiences by observing and engaging stakeholders in problem-solving strategies.

    Our Client: Spacee

    Spacee is a Computer Vision and AI company that provides augmented reality experiences and IOT supply chain inventory monitoring in the retail space. Spacee Sense, gesture-controlled and hover capable retail experiences, transforms the existing retail environment by bringing it to life using computer vision, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Enhancing the customer buying journey while integrating ecommerce in store without the need for phones, helmets, eyeglasses, or tablets, and nothing installed on the actual surface. Bringing physical commerce into the future with an unbreakable interactive in-store experience.

    Design Thinking Activities for Spacee project

    In addition to studying the Balanced Scorecard, students decided which Design Thinking Framework activities needed to be explored to help their group create solutions for the midpoint review and final presentations.

    Spacee_Fa22 Workshop

    Final Presentations

    The project for this class was to re-imagine the tradeshow experience for a category chosen by the students. The challenge was to incorporate Spacee technology in a disruptive and seamless experience unique to the chosen industry and to try to envision a completely new experience for attendees.

    Kung Fu Pickles - H&S Clothier

    Kung Fu Pickles - H&S Clothier:

    DreamTeam - Cytonus

    DreamTeam - Cytonus

    Solstice: BookCon

    Solstice: BookCon

    Fashion Cats: Nordstroms

    Fashion Cats: Nordstroms

    Final Class Presentation

    Final Preso

    Final Presentations: All Groups

    Mural Boards

    This online workspace allows the teams to use the UX framework to work together through the various exercises that create their UX artifacts. These many exercises use the framework that lead to their final presentations.

    Winter 2022: Journey Map

    Winter 2022: Journey Maps

    Winter 2022: Tech Interaction

    Winter 2022: Technology Interaction

    Winter 2022: Empathy Map Activity

    Winter 2022: Empathy Map Activity